Winners Chosen In The SockKids’ Book Contest

We want to thank the many people who shared our book link of the new anti-bullying SockKids’ story. In the book, we tell a story for children of all ages about how bullying hurts everyone.

We also have some guidelines for parents and children given by licensed therapist and family counselor, Jamie Ross.

Children’s advocate, Shelley Larkin, presents a quiz for parents and children to take.

Since this is a serious subject, we’ve taken our role in this book with the utmost responsibility.

And… winners have been chosen in our contest and two contestants each received 25 books of The SockKids Say NO To Bullying!

You can still do your part as well. You, too, can do the same for any school or organization of your choice by buying and sending a book. Simply go to the link, purchase the book, and put in the shipping address of a school or organization. Amazon will deliver it directly. You can also put a note in the gift receipt area. Thank you to those who shared our link!

Here’s a link if you wish to purchase the book!


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