The SockKids Educational Video

The SockKids Educational Video

The SockKids are a mismatched family of socks who time travel through the spin cycle of a washer, landing on famous people, teaching universal lessons of sharing, love and kindness. The SockKids are involved in teaching children about issues important to children and adults. Our anti-bullying program is available for children and adults, schools and libraries to purchase. The package includes multi colored illustrated books, action animated videos, interactive games and socks!

I would like to share our SockKids’ educational video, aimed at young children, teaching about anti-bullying and lessons of kindness and sharing. Please feel free to share with teachers, anti-bullying advocates and supporters, and loving people everywhere.

The SockKids were created by Michael John Sullivan.

This video was produced and edited by Phil Russell.

Illustrations by Alexandra Gold.

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