SockKids Being Developed For TV

SockKids Being Developed For TV

SockKids Being Developed For TV

The SockKids are proud to announce that Michael Maurer, a Los Angeles-based writer, will be developing the SockKids for television.

Maurer, who has extensive experience in writing children’s TV episodes, has been involved with several highly acclaimed series, including Curious George and Barney.

Maurer agreed to help develop the SockKids for a TV network pitch.

“This is a fun project to work on,” he said. “Socks that talk. What a unique idea. I feel adding to it will make the SockKids an attractive option for a television network.”

Maurer has been working with SockKids creator Michael John Sullivan and SockKids’ co-writer, Shelley Larkin.

It’s safe to say that Maurer’s imagination is deep and fertile with ideas that take the SockKids to a world where it’s full of surprises, incredible journeys and mysteries only the Socker family can help their humans solve in the quaint town of Millbottom.

We are excited about this partnership with Michael Maurer and look forward to sharing with you the exciting possibilities.


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