SockKid Socks Soon To Be On Sale

SockKid Socks Soon To Be On Sale

SockKid Socks Soon To Be On Sale

Yes, finally. The SockKids’ socks soon will be on sale and are currently in production. These multi-colored socks designed after the lovable SockKids themselves will make you smile. We have enclosed a picture of the sample socks.

Flowers, the brightly colored sock, will be the first sock available to purchase. In the following months, we will also roll out (pun intended) another SockKid sock.

We also feature Wooly, the black sock, who is nerdy and loves to read and explore his curiosity. He uses brainpower to solve all his challenges and encourages the others to do the same, mostly to unsuccessful  results.

Mr. Sock is an alien green-colored sock, always willing to help his friendly humans and sometimes commands an army of dust bunnies to complicate the life of everyone.

Stinky loves to eat junk food and candy and is messy but quite full of himself. He loves to stand in front of the mirror and admire his out of this world red hair. He is never shy of causing trouble and having a laugh at the expense of his other SockKids’ pals and especially of his new human family.

Buttons is the bright red sock, ladylike and loves to spend time trying on shoes and enjoying the latest fashion trends. She possesses five buttons, one on each toe, each one signifying a different emotion if pushed.

Stretch is the oldest SockKid, athletic, and the white tube sock. He is the rock, the stabilizer among the group of ambitious and fun-loving socks. He tries to be the voice of reason when chaos evolves.

We will also feature our anti-bullying sock, since the SockKids also stand with children and adults on important social issues.

You can also find more information at our Facebook page, now over 10,100 followers and fans!

Stay tuned here also for more information on news about The SockKids’ books and videos.

SockKid socks in progress

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