Why I Hate Cancer And Why We Share Our Love

Why I Hate Cancer And Why We Share Our Love

Why I Hate Cancer and Why We Share Our Love

The SockKids are more than just lovable animated and illustrated characters who go on some amazing journeys, teaching universal lessons of love and kindness. They are a mismatched family of socks walking the walking and talking the talk.

With the addition of multi-colored socks based on the crazy sock family in our books and videos, we have partnered up with Friends of Kids With Cancer to give YOU a chance to donate directly.

Yes, you can pick any pair of socks or book, and have it directed straight to a child who is undergoing cancer treatment.

Or you can keep the socks or and book yourself, and we will donate a portion of the profits to the non-profit company.

Or you can do both!

It’s entirely up to you.

But what is wonderful is we can all help Friends of Kids with Cancer. It’s an organization that does help the children and also the families who are enduring the pain their kids are going through. In other words, Friends of Kids with Cancer helps everyone with their services, including counseling for the families.

It’s enough that the child has to suffer but being a parent myself, I can’t imagine the emotional pain and burden the entire families are feeling as their little ones battle this dreaded disease.

So, we’re going to try our best here. Give it our all. Yes, they are cliches. But real ones. This is real life. Cancer. It sucks. I hate it. My mom died at 47 from breast cancer. I watched cancer tear her down physically and eventually emotionally. I remember putting a blanket over her in the last days, noticing she was almost all bone.

I didn’t know whether to cry or be angry at the world.

She never got a chance to hold to her hard work pay off when I graduated from college, nor see her granddaughters born nor hold them when they were young, nor celebrate their first birthdays or hear them play at their school concerts or watch them play soccer or high school tennis nor see their college graduations … Yes, cancer sucks.

My younger sister died of ovarian cancer at 44. We will never swim again in her pool or celebrate our children’s birthdays together or go to a baseball game or late night dinner … or just laugh. Yes, just one more laugh would be amazing.

I hate cancer.

I don’t want to see any child suffer through this. How unfair is this? The mere thought of it crushes my heart. I can’t bear the thought of it.

I want to do something. I have these wonderful, lovable characters. I want to give them life, valuable life. So, this is one way of doing it. I will continue to give them life to help others for what other purpose can the SockKids have?

YOU have given them purpose too. There isn’t a day that passes that I am appreciative of YOU.

There are many of you who have already supported this incredible journey. Always remember I know you have. Never forget I am grateful for your devoted support. Thank you.

Thank you for your love. YOU inspire ME.

— Michael John Sullivan, the creator of the SockKids

If you wish to support our life journey, you can go to our store at http://thesockkids.storenvy.com


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