Magical Knitting Needles Lead To A Haunted Town and Talking Socks

When Nick Knitley inherits a drawer full of talking socks, brought to life by his eccentric grandmother’s magic knitting needles, the socks reveal that the new town Nick just moved to is haunted – and it’s up to Nick and his SockKids to rid the town of their paranormal plight – or get slimed (or even worse) trying …!

 Can Nick Knitley Survive In A Town Full of Crazy Characters? 

It all started while Nick was exploring the junk in Granny’s dusty attic and he came across a small trunk. Thinking it might be treasure, Nick pried open the chest. But instead of treasure, what he found was a bunch of mismatched, stinky socks which Granny had knitted from scratch, giving them sparkling colors and over the top personalities, sewed on button eyes, yarn hair—all of them made from fabulous fabrics —even a green alien sock with springy antennae.

Nick quickly tossed the socks in the waste basket.  To his shock, the socks climbed right back out, none too pleased to be treated with such disrespect. Hadn’t he read Granny’s note?

Nick recalled his favorite granny was always a bit “out there.”  Rumors were she had magical powers, and, from her “enchanted knitting needles,” sprung to life a collection of living, breathing, sometimes annoying, and always aiming to please socks, sent to help her favorite grandson make peace with, or drive off,  these supernatural forces that have come uninvited to his new home—and survive the “horrors” of peer pressure at the same time!


                       Nick Knitley –Hero Or Dreamer? 

Nick was always a bit of a square peg, a dreamer, who didn’t fit in with anyone. In his imagination, Nick is a hero. The real world?  Those lines are blurring since Nick’s Close Encounter with animated footwear. Now he’s about to be a hero for real. He’ll risk getting bitten by digi-bats or turned into a supercharged, electricity-sucking vampire. That’s because the good citizens of Millbottom live side by side with haunted scarecrows, phantom pirates, a junk food addicted werewolf—and an occasional attack by dancing oven mitts.

Talking socks were created to warn Nick that seemingly pleasant Millbottom is really a conduit for the supernatural. A lightning rod for all sorts of paranormal phenomena: bad-mannered ghosts, unidentified flying Frisbees, runaway shoes, and other possessed possessions, leaving Nick with such perplexing questions as is the librarian really a shape-shifting Yeti?