Why The SockKids Are Taking On Bullying

“Bullying can take on many forms and present differently among age groups and across genders. It is most important to first educate your child, friend, or loved one on bullying and be able to identify signs and characteristics of a bully. Bullies are people who have the intention to harm someone emotionally or physically. Most bullies tease or threaten, but sometimes bullies can cause pain, attack, or assert power over another person by physical means.”

-Jamie Ross,
New York State licensed
family counselor and therapist

We believe this book will not only entertain your children but educate them in how to deal with bullying. You can purchase this book through The Social Express. 






The SockKids STOP A Bully!

In this story, Sudsy and Wooly discover their human is being bullied at school and team up against bullies with Ethan’s newest friend, Olivia. They discover bullying hurts everyone and staying silent is not an option.

Children’s advocate Shelley Larkin provides a quiz for parents and adults to take to further understand how bullying affects children of all ages.

In addition, children’s counselor and licensed therapist, Jamie Ross, gives adults and children guidelines on how to handle bullies.

This book is available through The Social Express.





The SockKids Stand Up Against Bullying

This is an exclusive Destination Imagination story. The book has features geared toward children who are interested in or are participating in events associated with Destination Imagination. A foreword by CEO Chuck Cadle is included in this book and discussed the dangers of bullying.